Buddy Miles
Buddy Grew up in Omaha, NE, the son of George Miles, Bass player for the late Preston Love. One of his first recordings was at a young age, when he played drums on the top 10 hit, "Sally Go Round The Roses", in the early 1960s. He formed The Electric Flag along with Omaha natives Stemsy Hunter and Herbie Rich. He was a mamber of the first black power trio, Jimi Hendrix' Band of Gypsies along with Hendrix and Billy Cox. He then formed The Buddy Miles Express, which also included Omaha natives Herbie and Billy Rich. He later sang lead for Santana and performed as lead vocalist for the popular California Raisins.
He continued to record under his own name, under the Buddy Miles Express and and on several Jimi Hendrix tribute CDs. Buddy passed away February 26, 2008 in Austin, TX.