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Lalomie Washburn (Lomie)
Hometown - Omaha, Nebraska
Ms. Washburn, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, passed from liver cancer and is survived by one daughter. Among her credits are recording with Stevie Wonder, D.J. Rogers and Buddy Miles, plus background vocals on the title track of Quincy Jones' The Dude. She was also the lead singer of the band High Energy (NOT the Motown group but a BAND that also featured future Rufus members Tony Maiden and Bobby Watson) which recorded one album in the early `70s - THUS the Rufus & Chaka connection.

Lalomie Washburn was a colorful performer given to empowering, carnal and earthy lyrical perspectives - from a strong Black woman's point of view - served up over slow-cooked grooves of funk-rock origin. It comes as no surprise that nouveau funkateer Joi covered "I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone)" as a member of Lucy Pearl and on her third album, Star Kitty's Revenge. The connection (as well as to funk-rock diva Betty Davis) is clear.

The night after Ms. Washburn's passing, Chaka Khan took the stage of the Monterey Jazz Festival and, in an emotional tribute to her departed friend, performed "I'm A Woman (I'm a Backbone)" in extra fiery form befitting her name!

Lalomie Washburn was a talented performer and songwriter and had the nickname 'Lomie'. She was signed to the Parachute label in 1977, where she released her first album, entitled 'My Music Is Hot'.

For the next 20 years she wrote for and collaborated with several major soul acts including Rufus, Stevie Wonder, Paulinho Da Costa and Greg Phillinganes. Lalomie was also the featured vocalist with the group Hi Voltage during the Eighties.She was a featured vocalist on Quincy Jones's album 'The Dude' and appeared on Bridgette McWilliams' album 'Too Much Woman'.

In 1992 she released several 12" single, on the Conscious Records imprint, with 'Try My Love' being particularly popular in the U.K. In 1994, she was a featured vocalist on Misty Oldland's album 'Supernatural'. In 1997, she released a second solo, self titled, album for the European Soulciety label. She also worked with Buddy Miles and the singer D.J. Rogers.

Lalomie Washburn died on the 18th of September 2004. 'Lomie' had been living in the Los Angeles County. R.I.P. Lalomie Washburn.

Thanks to the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame for the biographical information.