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Janice Kucera (Janice K)
Hometown - Exeter, Nebraska
Janice K and the Phantom Band
Janice K (Solo)
Janice K. Kucera was raised in tiny Exeter, NE in south central Nebraska – far from the hotbed of early rock & roll in Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk. Brought up in a musical family – Janice & her sister perfomed as a duo performing western songs for locals at an early age. Inspired by a high school performance of Elvis Presley songs – Janice discovered both rock-a-billy music but a life long love of Elvis Presley and his songs.

By late 1969 – Janice had convinced her parents to take her to Presley’s Memphis – to pursue a recording career. She recorded several tunes at the legendary Sun Records Studio (Sam Phillips Recording Studio) in Memphis in late 1969. Although none of these tunes were ever released, she struck a friendship with a number of the Presley family and employees – including Presley’s Uncle Vester Presley – who lived at Graceland.

Over the next few years – Janice was able to infiltrate a number of Elvis Presley parties at Graceland and other venues throughout Memphis and became friends with “The King of Rock & Roll”. Janice has attended over 50 Presley concerts, many times being invited backstage and to private parties due to her personal friendship with Presley. Janice continued to perform throughout the Midwest – billing herself as “The Female Elvis”. In the mid-80’s Janice’s career took off. She recorded several singles and an EP featuring both Presley covers and other rock-a-billy originals and covers. Around the 10th Anniversary of Presley’s death – she was spotting by several national promoters who recognized not only her commitment to the music of Elvis but her unique way of conveying his songs during her performances.

She was featured in a number of national publications, including SPIN Magazine, The National Examiner and numerous other national magazines. She was called to perform on both the national Oprah Winfrey Show and The Joan Rivers Show.

Articles on “The Female Elvis” were found throughout the world, particularly in Europe where the love of both Rock-A-Billy Music and that of Elvis are still strong as ever. Janice continues to live in Exeter, NE and performs her blend of Rock-A-Billy and Presley music to the delight of crowds to this day.

In 1998, Janice K. was inducted into the National Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame and a complete bio of her can be found on her site at