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Lloyd Hunter
Lloyd Hunters Serenaders
by Tom Hennessey

Lloyd Hunter's Serenaders were one of several black territory bands based in Omaha, Nebraska from the twenties through the big band era. Trumpeter Lloyd Hunter began his band in 1924 with 6 pieces. By 1927, when Elmer Crumbley joined, it was 8 pieces; Lloyd Hunter,trumpet; Elmer Crumbley, trombone; Noble Floyd, clarinet, alto sax; Bob Welch, trombone, tenor sax, bass sax; Burton Brewer, piano; Julius Alexander, banjo; Wallace Wright, tuba; Amos Clayton, drums. By 1929, the band was doing one-nighters in the states around Omaha and broadcasting on KGBZ, York, Nebraska; KFAB, Lincoln, Nebraska; and WOW, Omaha, Nebraska. In 1931, they tried for national success with a national tour featuring nationally known blues singer Victoria Spivey, who was married at the time to Hunter's second trumpet player Rueben Floyd. The band now at twelve pieces recorded for Vocalion in New York. The tour was not a success and by 1932 Hunter was back in Omaha which would remain his base for more than 10 years. In later years, Preston Love, sax, and Johnny Otis, drums, would be in the group.