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Charlie Burton
Hometown - Lincoln, Nebraska
Pink Poodles, The
Charlie Burton and the Dorothy Lynch Mob
Texas Twelve Steppers, The - Guitar, Vocals (1994 - ?)
Hiccups, The
Cutouts, The
Rock Therapy - Guitar, Vocals (1977 - 1979)
Lance Boyle And The Little Stabs Of Happiness
Megatones, The
Star Spangled Wranglers, The
Born in Lincoln, NE in 1950, Charlie Burton discovered the wonderful world of “Rock-N-Roll” in the early 60’s by absorbing the sounds poured out by Midwest radio stations such as WLS (Chicago – Dick Biondi), XERF (Del Rio, TX – “Wolfman Jack”), KOIL (Omaha, NE), KLMS (Lincoln, NE) & WSM Broadcasts from The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.

The variety of tunes heard over his Master Channel Transistor radio, ranging from Rhythm & Blues to Top-40 Rock to Country Music helped formulate his later music, never pigeon-holed into one particular style.

In 1969, Charlie attends Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio and befriends Ray Benson later of Asleep at the Wheel & NPR Radio rock critic, Ed Ward, who encourages Charlie to contribute articles to Rolling Stone Magazine.

Charlie moves to Ann Arbor, MI in 1970 and discovers the then local sounds of Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airman & The Stooges with Iggy Pop.

From 1969 through 1972, Charlie becomes Rolling Stone’s country critic, interviewing Charlie Rich and Conway Twitty, among others. In Ann Arbor, he spends time with MC5 lungster Rob Tyner and attends Iggy & The Stooges practices with Stooges sax player, Steve Mackay,

Charlie returns to Lincoln in 1972 to take over his family “Harpsichord Kit Factory”, but inspired by what he had seen in Ann Arbor, starts a series of roots-rockin’ bands, including “The Star Spangles Wranglers” – “The Megatones” – “Lance Boyle & The Little Stabs of Happiness” – “Rock Therapy” – “The Cutouts” & “The Hiccups”. He leaves the rock critic business in 1973.

From 1977 through 1979 Charlie fronts “Rock Therapy” releasing their first 45 “Rock & Roll Behavior” to rave reviews throughout the country. The record is a mix of Motor City rock & Burnette Brothers Rock-A-Billy. The single becomes a popular track in punk-rockabilly circles, particularly in Minneapolis, New York, Denver & Los Angeles, all of which host Charlie on a regular basis.

The single tops The Village Voice “Pazz & Job” Critics Poll and the band is profiled in The Village Voice in New York, New York Rocker, Trouser Press & Creem Magazine. Two more singles follow.

Charlie releases his first LP in 1980, titled “Is That Charlie Burton – Or What” and the band travels coast to coast to support the LP.

Charlie releases his 2d LP in 1981 “Don’t Fight The Band That Needs You”. During the 2d LP promotional tour, Charlie opens up for a new band – REM.

His 3d LP, “I Heard That” is recorded in Springfield, MO in 1984 and is produced by the legendary Lou Whitney of “The Morell’s & The Skeleton’s” fame. The band plays dates with Joan Jett, Jason & The Scorchers, The Ramones & The Replacements. The album gets enthusiastic reviews in Trouser Press, Musician, Chicago Sun-Times, & Rock and the Pop Narcotic.

Charlie’s first CD, released in 1990 “Green Cheese” has its virtues extolled in Billboard & The Philadelphia Inquirer. The single “Without My Woman (I’d Be A Hopeless Sack of Sh-t) is declared the song of the year by the 1991 South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke.

The band becomes the only band in rock history to share the stage with both REM and REO. The live CD “Puke Point at the Juke Joint” is released, as Charlie decides to move to Austin, TX.

In 1992-93, Charlie links up with Austin/DC guitar hero, Evan Johns and travels the US & Europe with Evan, recording a CD, “Texas Twang” with Dutch rockabilly band, Tuxedo Buck for Munich Records.

In 1994, Charlie forms “The Texas Twelve Steppers” and releases a 45 – “Spare Me The Details” on Loss Lieder Records. The single is reviewed in the Austin Chronicle (“Honky Tonk this good is as rare as a completed Oilers pass”) & The Hartford, CT Daily Courant.

In 1996, Charlie & The Texas Twelve Steppers appear on Sweden’s Sound Asleep Records “Hit the Hay #2” anthology and the band again garners rave reviews for its SXSW Music Fest appearance.

1997, celebrating his 20th year of making records, Charlie & The Twelve-Steppers release their first full length CD “Rustic Fixer-Upper” on Lazy SOB Records, mixed by Ray Benson (Asleep At the Wheel) Bismeaux Studio and produced by Asleep At the Wheel drummer, David Sanger.

A compilation CD of Charlie’s Greatest Hits (The Charlie Burton Story 77-99”) has been released by Bulldog Records in Austin, TX.

Charlie Burton is a roots rock & roll hero calling Nebraska his home. His recordings and personal appearances feature original material ranging from in your face Rock & Roll to Rockabilly to Cow-Punk to RB or pure tongue-in-cheek country music. (This bio was partially extracted from information in Charlie’s Press Kit for the 1997 South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX).