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Rick Buchanan (BatMan)
Whizker Bizket
Rick Buchanan aka "BATMAN" (Percussion and Vocals): Rick has played over 1000 nights of live shows throughout the Midwest. Rick has performed with Ice Cold Fire, Outta the Blue, Blastwagon, Bandit, The Fundamentals, DownHome, Uncle MEAT, Rukus, MidLife Crisis and now is the backbeat for Whizker Bizket.

Rick has been schooled in concert, classical, marching, jazz, swing and rock drumming. He has also been a qualified and demanded studio session drummer. His music influences include Buddy Rich, Phil Ehart, Neil Peart and way too many other artists to list.

Rick has opened for and performed with Nazareth, Kansas, George Thorogood and The Destroyers, Steppenwolf, Marshall Tucker and many other regional and local bands.