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Sean Borst
Tara and the Firestarters
By the age of 21, Sean has already accomplished more in the world of percussion than most players ever will. An avid professional percussionist for both session work and live shows, he's on call for numerous area projects and still manages to find time for teaching over 30 students a week. Borst has been labeled by most who know him as "PG-13". A metal drummer for Hollow Inside... but that barely scratches the surface of who he is. Sean has more ability to manage time than an astronaut or a single mom. His greatest gift is a sick desire to succeed where others assume he will fail. He thrives on constantly going like a damnable battery rabbit. For those of us who call him our friend, Sean is also a quick-witted, laid back individual who's smart enough to keep his head out of the clouds and his nose clean. Still, he's the best kind of dreamer. The kind that actually works to see his dreams come true while most are content with writing theirs off as impossibilties or fantasies to take their minds off of their mundane existence. The worst part of him releasing this cd is, even above everything he already does, he probably decided to release a double cd of percussion and other nonsense because he was still that bored. He'd make a triathlete feel lazy." James Dean Frontman for Alien8 Roachpit Records