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Tim Boknecht
Tim Boknecht has been obsessed with music since age 8, when he begged his parents for piano lessons. They acquiesced, seeing as their strange son had already begun composing his own melodies on the family keys.

Although he prides himself at being able to play a number of instruments, his main love will always be guitar. In fact, he stayed with his first job only long enough to buy a guitar and amp for his 16th birthday. After that, he didn't have time to work - he was too busy learning, jamming, and writing!

After high school, Tim became a music composition and theory major at Kansas State University. While in Manhattan, he joined the metal act D'Ranged as lead guitar and recorded an EP and full-length LP with the group before leaving for Wichita in 1996.

After years of focusing on school and then career behind the scenes in television, the music scene beckoned once again. Tim was hired as a second guitarist for TAINTED in December 2004 and instantly fell back in love with being onstage. When the band parted ways with original vocalist Mike Eckels in May 2005, the suckers decided to give Boknecht a shot at center stage. THOSE FOOLS!

Aside from music, Tim enjoys staying on top of news and politics, studying human spirituality, searching for his own Truth, and helping to raise his beautiful daughter.