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Larry Athey (Larry Who?)
Third Degree
Major Rager
Escape - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals (1989 - 1992)
Nebraska Band
Fyne Lynz
Max, The
Fossil Fuel
Started out in music at a young age, playing drums when I was in 4th grade, moved on to guitar by the 8th grade, and oddly enough got thrown up on stage with my first working band while I was still only 17 years old. That band was called "The Max" from Alliance, NE playing at the Iron Horse restaurant & lounge that used to stand at 1st and Box Butte in Alliance. That formation of the band changed members over the next year when we added Dana Meisner on drums, where we both eventually ended up joining a band called Fyne Lynz out of Torrington, WY. I wanted to go on the road, but a few other members of the band had obstacles standing in their way of doing so. I ended up leaving Fyne Lynz and joining a road band called "Wind" from Colville, WA. We played all over the middle to western US and ended up going to the southeast islands of Alaska. Our bass player was a music teacher and taught me to play piano while I was with the band. That band broke up while we were in Juneau due to marital conflicts between the two founding members of the band, so I stayed in Juneau for a year after that and met a few other road bands passing through the same bar Wind played in. I would eventually join two of the bands that passed through there. Those bands were "Asylum" from Milltown, IN (although they always claimed to be from Chicago) and the "Nebraska Band" from Fairbury, NE (although they always claimed to be from Lincoln). Spent a little over a year with Asylum doing a lot of really big gigs and opening acts. That band disintegrated after the drummer's wife developed brain cancer, so I joined the Nebraska Band after that. I only stayed with the Nebraska Band for a little over 6 months due to underhanded would-be band expenses leaving me without a paycheck after 2 gigs (big lesson learned). From that point, I joined a band out of Beatrice called "Escape" which ended up being without a doubt, my most enjoyable band experience ever. They were formed in 1976 and are still going strong to this day. I spent a little over 2 years with them, but had to leave in order to pursue more gainful employment due to a child on the way. From that point, I played for quite a few small-time bar bands that never did much of anything significant, they were just part-time jobs for me and that's all I ever expected out of them. Those bands would be "Major Rager" from Alliance, NE - another incarnation of "Fyne Lynz" only based out of Scottsbluff, NE (with Shane Funk of Judd Hoos on drums) - "Borderline" from Jonesville, IN - "Peddler" from Kimball, NE - "Third Degree" from Chadron, NE (with Shane Funk of Judd Hoos again and Chris Cornish of Money Shot on guitar) and "Diamondback" from Scottsbluff, NE. Took an 11 year hiatus from music after that due to frustration with bands, then hooked up with "Evolution" out of Scottsbluff, NE for a few months after being invited to a jam night where I somehow got talked into getting up and playing with them. It was a good warm-up exercise for me, helped me get my coordination back, but their choice of music just wasn't my style. I now play for a band called "Fossil Fuel" based out of western Nebraska playing classic rock, southern rock and the rockin' side of country, and finally having an extremely enjoyable music experience once again.