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Toby Tyler
Second Wind
Silver Canyon Band
Fossil Fuel
Drivin Dynamics, The - Bass/Vocals (1990 - 2000)
Began playing in the late 60’s and by early 70’s was playing in local groups around Columbus, Nebraska. Early influences were bands that were advertised on radio stations such as KOMA out of Oklahoma City KAAY out of Little Rock and WOR out of Chicago. Bands such as Spider and the Crabs, The Coachmen and the Smoke Ring. Bands that would let you backstage after gigs and some members would give “pointers”. I started playing on the guitar playing covers at the time including country and rock. I mainly played with a local Columbus group called Bitteroot where I moved to bass guitar. In the late 70’s I played with a road band called Revelations booking with ACA out of Milwaukee touring mainly in the Midwest. In the early 80’s I played with a variety of local Scotts Bluff, Nebraska bands playing rock covers and country covers. I played bass for TCK, a local rock band, the Silver Canyon Band that played country covers and Second Wind that played variety music. Through the 90’s I played bass for the Dynamics who were known for classic rock, but also played top country and rock. In the 2000’s I played bass for Evolution, a local band playing current and classic rock. I am currently playing bass with a local band called Fossil Fuel.