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Sean Michael (The Hammer)
Hometown - Mitchell, Nebraska
Fossil Fuel
Always had a passion to play the drums so as soon as I could join the band in my school, I did. I was 10 years old and played all through middle and high school. After high school graduation I got the opportunity to continue playing in college at Western Nebraska Community College. I joined the Jazz band in 1987 under the direction of Dr. Hart. While at WNCC I had the opportunity to take a musical trip to Mazatlan Mexico where we showed off our musical skills. Also, I bought my current Tama drum set in 1987. In 1989 I joined a local Scottsbluff, NE band called Prizm. We played classic rock and top 40 covers. We also worked on a lot of originals. My first exposure to a real working band experience. In 1991 I left town and joined the United States Navy, where I spent the next few years not playing, but I always had my drums with me. I met up with some shipmates on board the U.S.S. Fort Fisher LSD 40, the ship I was stationed on, who were looking for a drummer. Thunder Ridge was born. We played top 40 country and classic rock. We played all over the world, in places like: Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, and Hawaii. After the Navy, returned home and tried to hook up with some former musicians I knew and with a few I didn’t but nothing really worked out. In 2006 joined Brian Lafler in a top 40 country band with just a few classic rock songs in the mix. In 2008 joined Fossil Fuel a classic rock, southern rock & country band.