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Sylvester Johnson (Syl)
Hometown - Omaha, Nebraska
Lil Joe and the Impacts
Sylvester "Syl" Johnson was born September 22, 1948 in Omaha, Nebraska. "Syl" was introduced to music early in his life, thru his church. His Mom and Dad and older Sisters, who were also very active in church, were his early influences in music. In the early1960s, Sylvester "Syl" Johnson, Vaughn "Richard" Chatman, Herman "Cal" Franklin, "Lil"Joe Leslie Edmonson, William Penn Franklin, Donnie Beck , along with manager, Andre Davis, formed the group, 'Lil' Joe and The Impacts'.

The group performed locally for several years and recorded two singles, entitled 'Midnight Hour' and 'Girl Don't Do Me Wrong. With "Syl"singing lead, 'Midnight Hour' on the Circa Label (1967), reached #50 in Detroit, Michigan. After a unfortunate accident that left the leader of the group Joe Leslie Edmonson paralyzed, The Impacts disbanded.

Three of the original members of the Impacts, "Syl", Richard, and Cal, along with manager Andre Davis formed the group,'New Breed of Soul'. With the "Soulful Syl" Johnson paving the way, The New Breed of Soul continued to entertain the masses in the Omaha for several years.

Sylvester "Syl" Johnson was often compared to Wilson Picket, Sam Cooke, Sam Moore, (of the hit duo Sam and Dave), however, "Syls" favorite comparison was to his idol, Jackie Wilson. 'Baby Work Out', 'To Be Loved', 'Lonely Teardrops', 'Doggin Me Around', 'Your Love Is lifting Me Higher', are but a few songs that were performed effortlessly by "Syl".