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Jim Cidlik
Hometown - Lincoln, Nebraska
Wild Turkey
Home Cookin
Little Jimmy Valentine and the Heartmurmurs
Cocktail Shorty And The Tablerockers
Cotton Blues Band
Bobby Lowell and the Rock-A-Boogie Boys
Jim Cidlik has been performing a variety of rock, blues and jazz in Lincoln and throughout the country since the mid-1950's. Starting his career as a young teen playing drums with Bobby Lowell - he got his first taste of rock and roll madness by being chased off the stage by throngs of screaming teenagers performing at one of the first rock shows at the newly built Pershing Auditorium. Moving to keyboard and developing one of the finest blues-rock voices in the country - Jim Cidlik is truly a Nebraska rock, blues and jazz legend. In the late 60's he fronted the great "Cotton Blues Band" featuring former Eccentrics drummer - Dave Trupp and blues guitarist George Bryan. Returning to Nebraska in the 1970's - Jim led such legendary bands as The Tablerockers and Little Jimmy Valentine & The Heartmurmers. Their "Live at the Zoo Bar" album is one of the finest blues albums ever produced. His blues tinged vocal stylings and incredible keyboard playing are legendary.