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Len Bacoski
Hatchlings, The
City Limit Band
Alter Ego
Hatchlings, The
John Pauls Flying Circus
Len's musical career started in 1960 when his favorite Aunt gave him her 1951 P-Bass and encouraged him to take lessons. Len studied with Philadelphia'a legendary Russell Faith and by early 1963, had started working around Philly with much older musicians, some of which went on the play with Jack McDuff, Groove Holmes, Mike Stern, Spyro Gyra and Natalie Cole. Len left Philly in 1984 to settle in Missouri where his day job made it impossible for him to work professionally until 1998. Since then, Len has worked with Buck Brown, Richard Townsend, Big Slim, and filled-in with the Cobalt Project, Big Woody, and the late Lester King. Len broke into the KC Blues scene by going to John Paul's jam at BB's and was elated at being asked to go from jammer to band member. Len began fill-in work with John Paul in 2001 and was provided with the opportunity to take the "bass chair"on a permanent basis in January 2005. Len's "In-the-pocket" basic style is hand in glove with Allan Fishell's percussion providing the bottom groundwork for the Flying Circus sound. In his spare time, Len also provides the bottom for the Hatchlings, Alter Ego, and City Limit Band.