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Dubuque, Iowa
Donath, Dakota - Bass
Fecht, Jared - Drums
Flynn, Luke - Vocals
Jackson, Alan - Guitar
Began in January 2008 with 4 best friends who wanted nothing more than to be able to touch as many lives as possible with the one thing that we love the most; music. In June of 2008 we realeased our first EP "We Can Be Saved", and we will be on the road touring as much as possible, pushing as hard as we can, playing with as much energy and emotion as we can find within ourselves.

VeraSun is hope. love. and truth.

Constantly influenced by the forces in which we could never, and would never control, music to us was something we could create unscathed, untarnished and completely indifferent to the positive and negative entitys that concern our various lives. In short, we set out to create something no one else had, nor ever could, create themselves by pouring a part of ourselves into every guitar riff, bass line, drum beat, key stroke, and heart felt lyric.

Among our songs you will hear a vast array of emotions uniquely compiled together to create something greater than that of VeraSun's four individual members but something bigger and much more paramount than any member. Feelings of hope, and love mixed with that of complete indifference, and the taste of nightmares and dreams comprised of both undeluted fear and unflinching valor.

VeraSun, will continue to create, to grow, to live, to love, and laugh and will be taking this as far as we can, because life, as cliché as it is to say, is all about the journey and the destination is never as wonderful nor as important as the voyage. With that in mind, we choose to live our lives day by day. Hoping to see you all along our path, as we love every one of you, and know that we are nothing without you.