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Des Moines, Iowa
Anderson, Andy - Piano/Guitar/Vocals
Corley, Brian - Bass/Vocals
Murphy, Tom - Drums
2007 - - CD/Tape - Snafu
SNAFU is a three piece rock band already making a lot of noise in the mid-west. Pulling musicians from other established bands in the Des Moines area, SNAFU is one of the most original and energetic rock bands to come out of the midwest in years... "A Musical Chameleon" as they've been coined by the Des Moines Music Coalition, SNAFU is one of the most diverse and eclectic bands out there...

Coming from completely different musical backgrounds, the three members of Snafu individually come together to bring their own 'skills, flavor, and virtuosity' to the band. Andy Anderson (Guitar, Vocals, Piano) is the frontman-extrordinaire.. He brings an energy and musical ability that can charm the smallest crowd, to the biggest arena. His experience consists of session work and touring as a guitarist for Major acts out of Nashville such as Gretchen Wilson to venues of over 15,000 people. Tom Murphy (Drums) has toured both Europe and the Midwest performing in Jazz and Rock groups and has become one of the most versitile and technical drummers in the midwest, developing experience that gives the band an edge. Snafu’s newest member, Brian Corley (Bass, Vocals), has been active in the music industry for years, most recently in a Central Iowa based band. His own style forms a bass sound that crosses Funk/Jazz/Rock/and Pop which is the heart and soul of SNAFU.

SNAFU began performing in March of 2005. Their first show was at the Val Air ballroom for Grand View College's "Smile Fest", which was a great test for any band. Since then Snafu has played to excited crowds at a number of venues including the House of Bricks, The Vaudeville Mews, Bali Satay and People's in Ames, as well as Iowa State University's "Battle of the Bands" in 2006 and 2007. The band members have also donated their time to perform for various DARE programs around central Iowa. In September of 2006, the Des Moines Music Coalition positively reviewed Snafu's music in an article titled "Make No Mistake...It's SNAFU" which was published on their website. The band has also received airtime on the radio station KNXO and the Des Moines based web radio station where they were posted as a featured artist. Most recently Snafu was featured in an article in the Scene Scribe column of the Des Moines CityView, has been the featured band in the Des Moines Juice AND with the Des Moines Register, received all raving reviews for their latest self-titled album "SNAFU" in each of those publications, and has also had the honor of playing for Billy Joel at the Wells Fargo Arena in 2008. SNAFU helped with the success of the 2008 City of Ankeny Summer Sounds Series, City of Cedar Falls Sturgis Falls Festival, Clive After Five, Iowa State Fair and the City of Pleasant Hill Labor Day Festival.

Not only are they known for their unpredictable live shows, they are also praised for their original and diverse songwriting abilities. Snafu's music is filled with rocking guitars, melodic piano, soaring vocals, grooving bass lines, and hooks and harmonies to make any music lover of any genre wanting more. The band's music is appreciated not only by the screaming fans, but experienced musicians as well. Each member of the band is accomplished and skilled mixing all of their diverse styles into one of the most energetic, in your face, and original performances you'll have seen in a long time.