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Shannon Brown (solo)
Spirit Lake, Iowa
Brown, Shannon - Vocals
2007 - Warner Bros - CD/Tape - Corn-Fed
Shannon Brown grew up in Spirit Lake, Iowa, a resort town built along three natural lakes where her father, a guitarist-band leader, and mother owned several clubs and restaurants. She sang in choruses, show choirs and pageants but didn't consider a recording career until she was 17 when she began singing on karaoke nights every Thursday at her parents' club. Her father asked her to sing just to get the crowd going, but pretty soon, the crowd was returning just to hear her.

Her parents believed in her so much, they dedicated their lives to helping launch her career. For nearly six years, her father ran sound and her mother handled lights as she performed about 180 shows annually.

Brown moved to Nashville in 1994 and soon began singing songwriters' demos. For two years, she would work in Nashville for two weeks and then make the 15-hour drive to Iowa to begin a three-week tour and then return and start all over. She signed a record deal with the RCA Label Group in 1997, but she suffered from corporate restructuring at the company and no album was released.

In 2004, Brown and her husband, video director Shaun Silva, happened to sit next to her longtime friend John Rich of Big & Rich at a social gathering. After finding themselves musically compatible, Brown and Rich recorded a three-song demo together. Rich pitched her as an artist to Warner Bros. Nashville, home to Big & Rich. The label offered her a record deal and released Corn Fed 2007.