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Radio Moscow
Ames, Iowa
Anderson, Zach - Bass
Griggs, Parker - Guitars/Drums/Vocals
Rich, Keith - Drums
2007 - Alive - CD/Tape - Radio Moscow
Radio Moscow came about a few years back when Parker Griggs, songwriter/drummer for Duck and Cover decided to branch away from the punk roots and try something different and exciting. He did garbage composal(solo) while still in Duck and Cover, but when they were on tour he realized he couldn’t go on writing and playing for duck and cover and decided to put GC at the top of the list. Garbage Composal at the time was very raunchy mid-sixties-ish garage rock heavily influenced by the hidden gems and bands on the nuggets comps, yet still sounding very much its own. One album of Garbage Composal came out and then the name was changed to Radio Moscow. Along with the new name came new bass player Serana Andersen. The 2 worked very hard on learning the songs and got some good live shows in even though there was no drummer. For shows parker would pre-record the drums on a 4-track and then blasts it through amplification. Around the summer of 2004 the band started evolving and a whole new sound was created. Still garage-y but now channeled through the blues with experimental breakdowns, unpredictable tempo changes, crazy rave-ups and fuzzed out psychedelic guitar work. They both were much happier with the new material and decided to really work at it. So Serana and Parker moved to Colorado in the quest for a drummer and a good scene. Things started out very promising when Dan from The Black Keys called Parker up said he dug the demo that he gave him at a concert and was going to try to push it for us to get it on ALIVE/BOMP records. He seemed disappointed that we didn’t have a drummer, so parker tried as hard as he could to get tryouts going. All the people that tried out lacked ambition and dedication and after all the failed tryouts and lack of things getting done, Parker got dishearted and left. He went back to Iowa still trying to keep the Radio Moscow dream alive. After a month or two with various unsuccessful line-ups Parker met with Luke McDuff(bass). Together they recorded the debut album for ALIVE/BOMP records with producer Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. But that’s not where the line-up changes end. Luke decided he wanted to go back and finish school and left the band before the album was released. Now Parker picked up Story City local Zach Anderson as bassist. The most dedicated and tightest line-up to date. The two boys have plans of non-stop touring all year long! Self titled debut in stores now!