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The Nadas
Des Moines, Iowa
Butterworth, Mike - Guitar/Vocals
Locker, Jon - Bass
Shepherd, Ian - Drums
Vanderwerf, Ross - Guitar
Walsmith, Jason - Guitar/Vocals
For a band with nearly 15 years behind them, the Nadas sure marked a lot of firsts with their new album, The Ghosts Inside These Halls.

The roots rockers' sixth studio release is their first produced by the band, their first recorded in their hometown of Des Moines, and their first as a fivesome. But perhaps most notably, it's their first time truly baring their souls.

Like so many American bands, the Nadas started as a way for its members to pass the time between classes. Unlike so many American bands, the Nadas outlasted their educations and rode a growing fan base to a genuine, honest-to-goodness career.

While Butterworth is known for his rock 'n' roll intuitions (on perfect display in his live cover of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage") and Walsmith for his alt-country roots, they work flawlessly as a songwriting unit, skillfully evoking the romance, introspection and uncertainty of living life on one's own terms in the 21st Century.

Altogether, the Nadas have sold more than 75,000 albums through their own Authentic Records, including 2003's Transceiver and 2005's Listen Through the Static, both produced by Todd and Toby Pipes of Deep Blue Something.

The Nadas have also been called the "Best College Band You've Never Heard Of" by Playboy, had one of their songs ("Walk Away") become the official elimination song on Speed Channel's "Pinks" show, and were one of the final four bands for Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day band competition -- all the while steadily touring the country in Meatloaf's old tour bus, named Meatloaf (of course).