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The Modds
Lincoln, Nebraska
Berman, Byron - Piano/Organ/Guitar
Bumgarner, Ron - Keyboards (1966 - ?)
Freeman, Red - Guitar/Vocals (1966 - ?)
Hagerman, Jack - Bass (1966 - ?)
Hinds, Tom
Reed, Steve
Reinmuth, Jim - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Rogers, Danny
Shafer, Jim - Bass
Snyder, Jon - Guitar
Stone, Vance - (1966 - ?)
1967 - Fona - 45 Single - Dry My Eyes/Rosalie
The Lincoln Nebraska based Modds, named after London's fashion conscious teens, were one of the most popular bands in Nebraska in the 1960's. They, along with The Coachmen, ruled Lincoln and the surrounding area, performing straight forward, in-your-face pop music of the day. Dressed in "mod" European outfits, they drew huge crowds at such venues as Keen-Time and 9-High, Pla-Mor Ballroom and the Woods Park Pool Parties. They also appeared frequently at University of Nebraska functions and Lincoln High School dances. Original members included John Snyder, Danny Rogers, Jim Schafer and Byron "Butch" Berman. Around 1966….only Rogers, singing lead remained….and was joined by Jack Hagerman, Ron Bumgarner, Vance Stone and George "Red" Freeman. Other members included Tom Hinds, Jim Reimuth and Steve Reed. The Modds released a single in 1967 on Fona Records out of Chicago. "Dry My Eyes/Rosalie" spent 13 weeks on Lincoln's KLMS Radio, eventually reaching #4.