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Lincoln, Nebraska
Gerner, Gason - Drums
Saltzman, Adam - Guitar
Whitmore, Ryan - Guitar/Vocals
Wiruth, John - Bass/Vocals
Known regionally for performing an aggressive and exhilarating marathon-medley from hard rock to old country, Labeled is a professional rock band ready to take their art to the national level. After a few years of playing cover shows to earn a living, Labeled has composed a hefty catalog of original songs inspired by the wide range of genres they have loved since childhood. In the process, they've discovered that their songs naturally shed the redundant formulas that plague composers, making Labeled truly unique in the industry. Indeed, there is definitely a Labeled "sound," but that would be best described as Ryan's power vocals, John's bluesy rhythms, or Gason's insane choose for yourself. In a way, that's what their name means: "Go ahead, put a label on us, but we're not like any other band--we're like all of them!"