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The Kopi Katz
Beard, Bill - Saxophone
Clausen, Bob - Hammond B3/vocals
Hollingsworth, Bill - Guitar
Keller, Danny - Drums
Lewis, Darrel - Saxophone/Vocals
Morrand, Mike - Drums
Ruddick, Joe - Trumpet
Taylor, Dave - Trombone
After The Marc V broke up in late 1967, Barry McCoy moved to L.A. and played first with the Knickerbockers and then Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. I was able to hook up with The Kopi Katz - one of John Brown’s (Mid Continent Entertainment) newest bands. Other members of The Kopi Katz included Bill Hollingworth on lead guitar, Dave Taylor on trombone, Bill Beard on sax, Mike Morrand on drums, Darrel “Louie” Lewis on alto sax & lead vocals, Joe Ruddick on trumpet, Bob Clausen on Hammond B-3 & Vocals, and me on bass.

Shortly after I joined the group, Mike left to join The Flippers. He was replaced by future M.S. Funkster Danny Keller, who already had the reputation as one of the Midwest’s best drummers. The Road Manager was James Boardman. This was truly an “all star” band, and like M.S. Funk had members from both Kansas and Nebraska. As good as The Kopi Katz were however, we only stayed together for a few months. Shortly after Joe Ruddick joined The Flippers we all went our separate ways.

Thanks to Lindy Gallaher for the biographical info.