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The Josh Davis Band
Des Moines, Iowa
Baird, Dustin - Bass
Davis, Josh - Guitar/Vocals
Hart, Paul - Guitar/Vocals
Locker, Will - Drums
2006 - Authentic - CD/Tape - The White Whale
2007 - Authentic - CD/Tape - Blue Bird
2008 - Authentic - CD/Tape - Get Awesome
With a heaping dose of grit, this summer the Josh Davis Band introduces their second album, Bluebird, with more foot-stomping roots rock.

Since their 2006 debut, White Whale, the Authentic Record Label roots rock band based in central Iowa has found success as they stomp around the dusty bar scene of the southern Midwest. Tinged with Red Dirt influences of alt-country Texas rock, Josh Davis Band can be heard on Radio Free Texas, the free Internet radio station that features artists akin to the band’s bittersweet guitar melodies. And as the foursome tours the Midwest, flying just under the mainstream radar, Davis continues to focus on his songwriting, finding muse in the seemingly mundane.

“I write about stuff that happens to me and to people I’ve known,” he says. “You are all my muse.” A poster album for Americana rock, Bluebird marks the second hallmark in Davis’ goal to produce an album each year. With a little guidance from Authentic Records and members from the label’s original band, the Nadas, Davis took the project by the helm, steering the album further along the road of down-home rock, even recording one of the album’s tracks, “Don’t You Want to Hear Her Sing,” in his own home.

“We left if rough around the edges,” Davis says of the raw tune. “It’s part of the fun.” Since White Whale’s success in the southern Midwest, Davis and his crew, including lead guitarist Paul Hart, bassist Dustin Baird and drummer Matt Van Meter, have been pandering with Midwest locals, while Davis bellows with a faint twang in his voice and reminiscence for simpler days of dusty open roads and the sweet voice of an acoustic guitar.

But even with an album-a-year goal, Davis says he isn’t concerned about his 15 minutes like most successful artists.

“Being on stage is fun, but it’s not my primary goal,” Davis says. “I want to make music. I don’t want to be some stupid pretty face on stage. I want to be remembered as somebody who does things his way.”

And Bluebird is overflowing with Davis’ original sounds. From swanky tempo changes to Emmy Lou Harris influences on “A Year Ago,” the band’s sophomore album is taking flight and the Josh Davis Band, like a bluebird leaving its nest, is proud of how fast their musical influence is soaring.