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The Heywood Wakefield Band
Fremont, Nebraska
Bloom, Greg
Campbell, Jim - Drums
Costello, Bill - Keyboard
Halverson, Dave
Layman, Jerry - Bass/Vocals
Lundstrom, Kirk - Guitar
McMahon, Ken - Guitar
Murray, Sue - Vocals (1995 - 1999)
Porter, Bobby
Porter, Nora - Guitar
Semrad, Mike - Guitar, Vocals
Tippery, Doug - Sound/Vocals
Tippery, Eric - Guitar/Vocals
Haywood-Wakefield Band is one of the longest running and most popular rock and roll bands from Nebraska. Considered by many to be one of the most influential bands of the state, Haywood-Wakefield Band was created in 1978 in the city of Fremont by lead guitarist & vocalist Ken McMahon. The band name came from McMahon looking under his dining room table and saw the manufacturers stamp "Heywood Wakefield" furniture company. It looked like a good name for a band so it stuck. McMahon remained with the band for thirteen years and left in 1991.

Other members included Dave Halverson (drums), Mike "Pinky" Semrad (guitar), Sue Murray (vocals, 1995 to 1999), Greg "Jeep" Bloom (bass and vocals), Nora "Porter" Pope (guitar & vocals), Eric Tippery (Guitar & Vocals), Doug Tippery (sound & vocals) Bill Costello (keyboard) Jerry Layman (bass guitar & vocals) Bob Porter (drums & vocals)

Originally a rock band, Haywood-Wakefield started performing regularly at the "Nothin’ But Country", which despite its name was mostly a rock bar. Very soon, the band started garnering interviews such as on the Real People television program where they also performed.

The group continues to this day as a Country-Rock band and performs regularly at regional lounges, private parties and street dances, making it the second longest-surviving band originally from Fremont, NE. In first position is ''J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles, previously The Nomads, which has existed in one form or another since 1962.