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Columbus, Nebraska
Allsman, Matt - Guitar/Vocals
Vonderohe, Curt - Drums
Waite, Cory - Bass
Waite, Danielle - Vocals
Waite, Kyle - Guitar
Everyone has a story and when Evicted formed in April 2005 theirs was just beginning. Evicted attacked the stage with a vehemence that lit up the Lark Lounge like the Northern Lights for their debut in June of 2005. With their spectrum of colorful sounds and personalities, they put on a show that will definitely make you evict your seat.

Simply put, they’ll rock your face off.

The band is comprised of Danielle Waite[lead vocals], Matt Allsman[guitar/vocals], Kyle Waite[guitar],Cory Waite[bass], and Curt Vonderohe[drums].

Danielle’s voice surges through the band’s veins creating an amazing dichotomy of angelic hostility. The screaming of Matt’s fretboard fills the room with pure and raw energy. Kyle, the silent slayer of the strings, adds a sense of drive with his heavy handed playing style and thunderous tone. Cory’s roaring bass makes your blood pump with an explosion of sound, while the pounding of Curt's drums is like a cadence declaring war. The vitality of this group is only matched by the defining mark they will make with their music.

The band is focused on putting on a great performance for the crowd, bringing to the stage a high-energy, hard-hitting show not often found in local bands.