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The Eccentrics
Lincoln, Nebraska
Evans, Rick - Guitar/Vocals (1960 - 1967)
Maher, Paul - Drums (1960 - 1963)
Mills, Denzil - Bass/Vocals (1960 - 1967)
Trupp, Dave - Drums (1963 - 1967)
Wingate, Jerry - Guitar/Vocals (1964 - 1967)
Zager, Denny - Guitar/Vocals (1960 - 1964)
1964 - Applause - 45 Single - Share Me/Stars
1965 - Applause - 45 Single - Nighttime Noontime/I Still Love You
The Eccentrics, in the opinion of most NE authorities, were Nebraska's first great rock band. Formed in Lincoln in early 1960, they were so far in front of the other local rockers musically that they were, in fact, ahead of their time. Their musical peers in the Midwest were the great blues players in Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago. Playing six nights a week at clubs throughout the Midwest plus special event one nighters, they jelled into an ultra tight rock band standard for others to follow. They became legendary after Dave Trupp took over the drumming.

The Band combined amazing instrumental and vocal talent with an air of irreverence and big hair that further fired up their mystic and stage presence. Given the times, the hair was outrageous and people talked about it, which was the point. But this Band was never about their hair. They were like an 18 wheeler on stage. Once when opening for the Dave Clark Five at a Lincoln concert, the DC5 stage manager handed the Band a list of songs to avoid. The Eccentrics played every song on the list. Lead by Rick Evans, the members were accomplished writers and arrangers. They released two singles on Applause Records in 1964 and 65 that charted locally but generated no national distribution. The Band broke up in late 1967 after eight grinding years on the club circuit.

Ironically, Trupp joined a reformed Zager & Evans in 1968. This reunion generated the biggest selling rock 45 from Nebraska ever in 1969. "In the Year 2525" on RCA sold at least five million copies and spent multiple weeks at #1 on billboard in the USA and UK and charted elsewhere throughout the world.

The Eccentrics were inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame in 1999.