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The Dactyls
Lawrence, Kansas
Bergwell, John - Bass/Vocals
Bergwell, Nick - Guitar/Vocals
Costello, Brendan - Guitar/Vocals
Momberg, John - Drums
Channeling the glory days of early 90’s guitar rock, The Dactyls employ alternate tunings and inverted phrasings to create densely textured, off-kilter pop songs. With slippery guitars, a churning bass, and dynamic drums, The Dactyls have been reminding crowds that loud and sonic are welcome attributes.

After a busy winter and spring of tracking at Black Lodge Studios, The Dactyls have accumulated an arsenal of material. Local label Blanket Records released their debut 7” single, “A Widow Knows” b/w “Space From Earth”, in May 2008. In July, the band released the single "Island Shopping" as a split 7" with friends Bandit Teeth, and embarked on a brief mid-western tour promoting both 7" releases. This fall/winter will bring a self-released EP, as well as more local and regional shows.