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Black Tie Affair
McCook, Nebraska
Neverve, Brett - Drums
Roe, Tony - Bass/Vocals
Trosper, Kaden - Guitar/Vocals
Zlomke, James - Guitar/Vocals
First off it all started in the crazy summer of 2007 when Brett moved to Mccook then met James. Tony came out of nowhere and we started jaming together. At first it was more just for fun. Brett would wake up, go get James, head to Fullers and get 3 salads. We we would then go wake tony up and eat them. Then we picked up Kaden. James formerly from Red Scare plays guitar and sings vocals. Tony formerly from American DUI play bass and sings most vocals. Kaden Trosper formerly of American DUI plays rythme guitar and sings. Brett formerly from a shit hole town called hayes center plays drums and occasional vocals to. Bombs Blast has a huge influence in our music, we both played our first show together and cover each others songs! We have been together for a year, and after a load of money, lots of road trips, and hundreds of friends made, we are still kicking strong! We are all easy guys to get along with and everybodies says that its a outta control blast when they hang with us! We will do anything crazy or stupid to get your attention. Thats the magical love story of BTA