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The Bellflowers
Lincoln, Nebraska
Bailey, Kristen - Singing Saw/Vocals
Blazek, Fuzzy - Pedal Steel/Vocals
Jones, Justin G - Drums/Vocals
Meza, Gerardo - Guitar/Vocals
Steinhausen, Marty - Bass/Vocals
The Bellflowers started out as a side project of Gerardo Meza (The Mezcal Brothers) who was looking for an outlet for the many songs he had been writing which didn't fit in with the Mezcal sound.

Gerardo joined with pedal steel player Fuzzy Blazek, whose pedigree is too extensive to list here, and under the name GC Meza & The Fuzz, Gerardo and Fuzzy played acoustic traditional country.

Justin G. Jones (Billy Bacon & The Forbidden Pigs) and Marty Steinhausen (The Tijuana Gigolos) sat at the end of the bar during one of these shows, and Justin turned to Marty and said, "I think these boys need a rhythm section." A month later, GC Meza & The Fuzz became four-piece Uncle Jesus.

Kristen Bailey (Suzy Dreamer & Her Nightmares) was invited to fill a permanent guest spot with her singing saw and untrained hillbilly vocal stylings.

A few disgruntled grandmas later, Uncle Jesus changed their name to The Bellflowers, and it's this band that has come into its own and is taking part in the revival of roots music on the Lincoln, Nebraska music scene.

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