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0 For 7
Auburn, Nebraska
Compton, Josh - Guitar/Vocals
Ketter, Brett - Bass
Wilson, Derek - Drums/Keyboards/Vocals
0 For 7 consists of Josh Compton - Guitar/Vocals/Sexy, Derek Wilson - Drums/Keyboard/Vocals/Sexy, and Brett Ketter - Bass/Screaming/Sexy (but not as much as Josh and Derek). Just Joking! We are called 0 For 7 because a Brett asked a girl out 7 times and she said no every time. Since then, she said yes twice... so the running total is 2 for 9... but that doesn't sound as cool.. so we left it!! We are a pop punk band with a little bit of hardcore influence, mainly just screaming. We are all about energy and like to get people jumping, moshing, and singing along as much as possible. Someday... we will record... that will be the day... But 'til then you'll just have to check out our upcoming shows page to see where we are playing next... So now for the cold hard facts... We have been a band for about 3 years. We all decided to play instruments around the same time. We all started on guitar... but forced Brett to go to bass and Derek to go to drums... Woah.. B for Brett and Bass... D for D-Rock and Drums... Crazy!!! Josh just doesn't fit in... anyway... We have gone through a few members but are sticking with our current roster until the bitter end. Some people have asked us if we are gay... and despite all of the rumors we are not... sorry Michael Jackson, Liberachi (can't spell), The Three Tenors, The Phil-Harmonic Orchestra, Mr. T, Dr. Kevorkien, and most of all officer T. J. Hooker.... actually... that one's ok... anyway enough with that... We are a band... so come see us!!!