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Wild Turkey
Lincoln, Nebraska
(1977 - 1984)
Benjamin, Sean - Guitar, Vocals
Bruscato, Bruce - Guitar/Drums/Vocals
Cidlik, Jim - Keyboards, Vocals
Glover, Lenny - Drums
Havlat, Bob - Guitar/Steel Guitar/Vocals
Maser, Dave - Guitar
Rosenlof, Sam - Guitar/Vocals
Ulfers, Roger - Guitar/Vocals
Ulfers, Roger - Guitar/Vocals
Waller, Jim - Bass/Vocals
White, Terry - Guitar
The original members formed in 1977 in Missouri on while working on a traveling railroad maintenance gang, living in railroad bunk cars. All five are from Eastern Nebraska.

Adding and changing several members over their career, the Band played southern rock, country and blues plus one original—Found My Way—written by Waller but never recorded.

Wild Turkey built a loyal fan base among the clubs and bars they played throughout Eastern Nebraska primarily as well as Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Showing unique creativity, the Band sponsored three riverboat cruises on the Missouri River.

The participations of Sean Benjamin and Jim Cidlik—legendary Nebraska Rock HOF musicians--during the Band’s later years demonstrates that Wild Turkey became a significant player in the Nebraska music scene during its seven year career.

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