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Spider and the Crabs
Hastings, Nebraska
Bumgarner, Ron - Keyboards
Einsel, Steve - Guitar
Gallaher, Lindy - Bass
Gitt, Warren - Saxophone
Heinrick, Randy - Drums
McMillin, Jim - Drums
Messenger, Rich - Keyboards
Meyerhoffer, Bob - Vocals
Rasmussen, Dick - Trumpet
John Brown got me moved up to Hastings, Nebraska in 1968 to play in one of his hardest working groups, Spider and the Crabs. This was a really tight band that played all over the Mid West, as heard on KOMA radio. My favorite gig was The Red Dog Inn in Lawrence, Kansas.

The group had a great cast of characters. My best friend in the group, Steve “Spider” Einsel on Guitar, Bob “Mouse” Meyerhoffer on lead Vocals, Warren Gitt on Sax, Dick Rasmussen on trumpet, Jim McMillin on drums (replaced by Randy Heinrick), Rich Messenger on keyboards (replaced by great B-3 player Ronn Bumgarner from Lincoln). Road Manager for Spider and the Crabs was John McMillin.

This group broke up after a year, as everyone was heading off for different colleges in different parts of the country. For me, it was back to Kansas State University in Manhattan. There I joined a couple of my old band-mates, Bill Hollingworth and Al Hanson in one of the best bands in Kansas - The Devastating Dinks based out of Salina, Kansas.

Thanks to Lindy Gallaher for the biographical information.