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Small Town Hope
Valentine, Nebraska
Arens, Tony - Bass
Arens, Will - Guitar
Keech, Andy - Drums
Keech, Josh - Guitar
Lentz, Matt - Guitar
Small Town Hope formed in February of 2006, from the break-up of two midwest Nebraska bands. Will Arens and Matt Lentz, former guitar players of James and the Spies, got together with Andy Keech, former drummer of MADSAK, and wanted to write a punk rock album. Lacking a bass player, Will's cousin Tony Arens began playing the part of the bass. After getting a few songs recorded, Small Town Hope decided to enter a contest with their music. The contest was Drive Thru Records and mtvU's Best Music on Campus contest. They submitted their music, and didn't plan on ever hearing back. A few weeks went by without hearing anything, but then, via email the band was notified that they made it into the top 50 bands and were quarterfinalists. Although this was great news, not long after, the band was disqualified, because their drummer Andy wasn't 18.

This disappointment only encouraged these punks to work harder than ever to write the best music they could. All four members were in a band that allowed them to write the kind of music they love, and felt like they had been playing together for years. In late summer of 2006, Small Town Hope released their debut album, Confessions of Confusion, and sold all the copies they had before they could order more.

Since then, Small Town Hope has shared the stage with bands including Gym Class Heroes, On The Last Day, Crash Romeo, and many more. They are constantly adding new shows to their schedule, working on a tour for next summer, and writing songs for the release of their second album.