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The Sluggos
Wichita, Kansas
Carmody, Michael - Guitar/Vocals
Clay, Mitch - Bass
Decker, Stephanie - Bass
Downing, Kent - Drums
Gottstine, Wayne - Guitar/Vocals
Jenkins, Jeff - Drums
Van Es, Doug - Drums
- - CD/Tape - Songs About Girls
Summer, 1989: Kent Downing and Michael Carmody, reeling in the aftermath of the senseless murder of a close friend, took up busking in downtown Wichita. Carmody played acoustic guitar, Downing played a single snare drum with brushes, both sang.

Before long, the two had latched onto fledgling bassist Stephnnie Decker and budding guitar superhero Wayne Gottstine, and the Sluggos began amusing audiences citywide with their goofy antics and sincere but quirky (and danceable!) pop-rock. Drummer Jeff Jenkins took over drum duties when Downing left in early 1991 and formed Those Undesirables with David Lawrence (Drunken Monkey Technique, Bottom Feeder) and Tom Page (Local Band, The Mess, Grandpa's .38, Sunshine Family).

The group disbanded in late 1991, and the two guitarists went on to other bands. Gottstine would later play in Winking Spaniard, Technicolor Headrush, Scroat Belly, Split Lip Rayfield and others; Carmody was a member of Winking Spaniard, Sunshine Family, Carganza, Jones Six and The New Deal.

In December 2000, the two played a reunion show, with Scroat Belly alums John Ezell (drums/vocals) and Mitch Clay (bass) acting as rhythm section. A handful of similar shows came and went over the next few years.

Gottstine left Split Lip Rayfield in the summer of 2005. He soon assembled Mitch Clay, drummer Doug Van Es (Monterey Jack, Big Bruiser, Hot Soup, Pocket Weasels, etc.) and Carmody, and to make an increasingly long story short, the new era Sluggos were born.