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Shaky Ground
Alan, Mark - Guitar/Vocals
Carlson, Kevin - Guitar
Clinton, Jason - Drums
Cupak, Dave - Guitar/Vocals
James, Justin - Keyboards/Vocals
Wayne, Patrick - Bass/Vocals
Can you feel it? Shaky Ground is coming to your club and bringing the whole town with 'em!

This five piece Top 40 Country, Classic Rock, and Dance band knows how to create the party vibe and bring the people to the dance floor. This isn't your typical honky-tonk country band. Sure they play those good 'ole country party tunes, but they mix in the right amount of blues, rock and soul to give them a sound that they like to call 'Country Funk'. When the bodies start movin' to the groove, you know that Shaky Ground is in the house.

Who is Shaky Ground? Some may have heard of the group, but this isn't the old Shaky Ground of the past. This is a revived, modernized, and professionalized, all new lineup of musicians featuring one of the finest front men on the regional country music scene. These fine musicians have played on grand stages with the likes of Keith Urban, Average White Band, Maceo Parker, Parliament-Funkadelic, The Emotions, Ziggy Marley, Bela Fleck, and many more. With a strong and growing Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa following, Shaky Ground is sure to shake up the dance floor at any music venue!

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