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Rock Bottom
Alta, Iowa
(2006 - ?)
Glienke, Chris - Bass
Maharry, Rob - Guitar/Mandolin/Keyboard
Parcel, Adam - Guitar
Sauter, Robbie - Tambourine/Vocals
Walsh, Gabe - Drums/Djembe/Vocals
We started around late October/early November 2006. Our band consists of 5 members. Robbie Sauter on lead vocals and tambourine. Gabe Walsh on drums, djembe, and backing vocals. Rob Maharry on lead guitar, mandolin, and keyboard. Chris Glienke rocking on the sky blue cort bass guitar. Adam Parcel on rhythm guitar. We have six original songs, "Pick Me Up","Stooge", "No Reason", and "Take a Bite of that Sunshine", "A Gravel Road", and "Get in the Car". We should have some shows this summer in the Storm Lake/Alta area. The addition of Robbie has been amazing for us as a band. We draw influences from many different types of music. We have one main goal in the band:we wanna rock. If we never make it big, that's alright. What we want is to play some shows and put out good music. Our newest songs "Get in the Car" and "A Gravel Road" are in the recording process at the moment. We are almost always available for gigs.