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The Marc V
Manhattan, Kansas
(1964 - 1967)
Bigsby, Bim - Vocals
Gallaher, Lindy - Bass (1964 - 1967)
Greenough, Terry - Guitar
Hanson, Al - Drums
McCoy, Barry - Keyboards
Moore, Terry - Trumpet
Pauli, Ron - Guitar/Vocals
Piland, Steve - Saxophone
During the summer of 1964 after graduating from Manhattan (KS) High School, I had just gotten into the bass guitar. Local “bass-ace” Bruce Brown showed me all his great licks and sold me my first couple of basses. I wish I still had them today! A couple of friends, Ron Pauli and Terry Greenough decided to start up a rock band, The Marc V. The members of the band were Terry Greenough on lead guitar, Ron Pauli with rhythm guitar & vocals, Bim Bigsby lead vocals, Al Hanson on drums, and me on bass guitar. Our Manager was Jon McManis. We later added Barry McCoy on keyboards, along with Terry Moore on trumpet, and Steve Piland on sax.

The Marc V became a very good band and had a large local following around central Kansas. We played everything from James Brown to The Beatles. The group managed to stay together for over two years, which was a long life for bands back in those days. A couple of our favorite local gigs were J.D.’s and Me & Ed’s, both in Manhattan.

Thanks to Lindy Gallaher for the biographical info.