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Levi Bradis and the PA Boom Box
Omaha, Nebraska
Broshears, Nick - Drums
Clapper, Joe - Vocals
Coon, Justin - Guitar
Ward, Josh - Bass
Washington, Stan - Vocals
Waterman, Joe - Guitar
The P.A. Boom Box is the solo production of Levi Bradis. The music is very eclectic. Ranging from Funk to Punk, Jazz, Industrial,electronica. You name it. This music and the rest of the album was recorded in my Grandpa's living room in Hemmingford. There were no computers used and very little overdubbing in the production and mastering of this album. I beleive good music is not about how polished you can make it. Good music comes from the raw energy and emotion that comes out in a recording or live show. If there is enough soul and emotion in what you do it will stand out no matter what you use. I would rather listen to something that is raw and has someting to say as apposed to something that is overproduced and has no soul. Music has and always will be a important part of my life. What got me in to music was finding a channel of expression due to the death of my sister in 1992 and my parents in 1982. I don't beleive in playing to a bunch of mindless heads who are in some kind of click or some stuck up scenesters who have the were better than you attutude I beleive in playing for people who have a mind, a soul, and that are not fooled or transformed by what T.V. and media try to feed us. People who I can consider friends. Not consumers. That is who I play for. VENUES PLAYED PAST AND PRESENT-BOX AWESOME,ZOO BAR,DUFFY'S,SOKOL UNDERGROUND,SHEA RILEY'S PUB,49r,RANCH BOWL,BROKERS BAR,BARLEY STREET TAVERN,THE REVERB,THE GATHERING SPOT,KCs,THE SINISTER GRIN,THE SQUIRREL CAGE, FRONTIER BAR,SIDETRACK BAR AND THE ROYAL GROVE.