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Harpers Ferry, Iowa
LaBarge, Mandy - Guitar/Vocals
LaBarge, Roger - Guitar/Vocals
2008 - - CD/Tape - Colors
2008 - - CD/Tape - Just Keeps Rainin
LaBarge are a Father and Daughter duo ( Roger LaBarge & Mandy LaBarge ). They Play Alot Of Original music and are known for their River Shows where they perform Roger's Original River Songs. LaBarge also play a variety of oldies & rock and roll! Mandy is an incredible seasoned musician for her age, very talented when it comes to guitar leads, rhythm, vocals, stage presence, and songwriting. Working on her talent for so many years with her father has really payed off when it comes to her musicianship. Roger LaBarge grew up singing and playing gospel music into his early teens and then went on to be influenced by alot of Motown music and the works of Buffalo Springfield, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Paul Siebel, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, and Dan Fogelberg, Roger LaBarge has adopted a singing style that is a mixture of all his favorites. Joined by his daughter, Mandy, They sing together at festivals, clubs, and special events. An extraordinary rapport comes across when father and daughter, Roger LaBarge & Mandy LaBarge of Harpers Ferry, take the stage and begin to sing. Music was a big influence in Roger's life from the time he was a young boy. " My grandmother played the piano and gave me lessons on my Accordian". She got it from her mother who also played piano. What Roger has learned he has now passed along to his daughter, Mandy. One day her mother was at a garage sale and picked up two tiny guitars. She put them together and made one nice little guitar that Mandy could start on. Roger said, " we started out with the song My Girl". Mandy played her first concert with me when she was in kindergarten. Mandy says she picked up her style of singing in much the same way her father did. When Dad sings and performs he is kind of a mixture of a lot of different musicians that he grew up with. He incorporates their styles into his own style so it becomes kind of a mix. Im like my father, yet Im like other people that I listen to because if I like something, I incorporate that into my own personal style. Its what Ive watched Dad do. Roger LaBarge & Mandy LaBarge won the First Annual Singer/Songwriters contest in Prairie du Chein at the legendary Main Entrance. They won Lansings Fish Days Talent Contest in 2003. They were the main entertainment in Marquette, McGregor, and Prairie du Chein during the Grand Excursion. They opened the show for the Emmy Award Winning US version of the BBC's National Geographic's Documentary Movie of "Tales OF The Last River Rat", a Documentary about Kenny Salwey's 27 years in the swamps of the upper Mississippi River. They have played many local Iowa Festivals and have had apperances on Postvilles KPVL, Decorah's KDEC 100.5, and also KVIK FM. They have shared the stage with a number of great midwest entertainers including Iowa Legends Joe & Vickie Price and Dave Moore. Roger LaBarge was featured on Iowa's First Annual Album Called "First Flight" along with working in Nashville, being on Nashville's "You Can Be A Star" and has wrote over 400 original songs. Watch for Roger's Myspace page comming soon, read his musical hsitory, it will amaze you. They ( LaBarge ) are an awsome father and daughter duo, and Roger's original music, can make you laugh, bring you to tears, and take you on a journey of life's trials and tribulations that will touch your very soul and make you yearn for more.............!!!!