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Knuckle Deep
Lincoln, Nebraska
Ehrisman, Drew - Vocals
Saathoff, Nic - Bass/Vocals
Shumake, Steve - Guitar/Vocals
Sudik, Dean - Drums/Vocals
After leaving another local band in 2001, Steve & Drew formed Knuckle Deep. Their aim was to play only stuff that they wanted to while having everything be tunes that were instantly recognizable. They'd been getting compliments and comments on the few hair/party metal/hard rock cover tunes they'd been playing in previous bands. So, having a huge love of the 80's, they decided to focus on just that kind of material instead of the great variety of music they'd been playing before in previous bands. There were plenty of variety bands in the Lincoln/Omaha area and a bunch that did it quite well, so there was no need to jump into an already crowded 60's to today cover market.

It took several years of working with some other fine musicians to hit upon the right combination that they felt confident would make Knuckle Deep what they knew it could be. The last pieces of the KD puzzle are Dean Sudik on drums and Nic Saathoff on bass. They bring what was missing before to the table and the sky is now the limit!!!!

You can count on Knuckle Deep to deliver top-notch, high-energy live entertainment. All that is left to say is, "HOW DEEP?!?!?!"….