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J. Harrison B. and the Bumbles
Lincoln, Nebraska
Bryan, George - Guitar, Vocals
Childs, Bill
Davis, Jay
Dorsey, Mike
Fiehn, Larry - Keyboards
Forcier, Steve - Drums
Hagerman, Jack - Bass
Hanson, Barry
Heine, Ed - Bass
Johnson, Stan - Sax, Vocals
Klingner, Mike - Drums
Kohout, Dennis
Kulhanek, Quinn - Guitar
McClure, Ron - Trumpet
Schultz, Tom
Semrad, Mike - Guitar, Vocals (1962 - 1968)
Timm, Brad
Williams, Liz - Vocals
Mike Semrad, Stan Johnson, Quinn Kulhanek and Ed Heine (all future Bumbles) formed Fremont, Nebraska's first rock band in 1962 (along with Larry Fiehn and Jay Davis)...initially called The Nomads. The Fremont High School graduates migrated to The University of Nebraska in Lincoln in 1963. Changing their name to J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles, they were campus favorites through the 1960's and toured Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas from 1963-68. (The name "Bumbles" was dropped about 1967 - changing the name to "J. Harrison B.") Other members of J. Harrison B. during the '60's included Mike Klingner, George Bryan, Jack Hagerman, Barry Hanson, Liz Williams (McHargue), Steve Forcier, Bill Childs, Ron McClure, Dennis Kohout, Brad Timm, Mike Dorsey and Tom Schultz.

While in Lincoln, they played such venues as Pla-Mor Ballroom, Robbie's Happy Corner, Pershing Auditorium, The University of Nebraska Union, Jazz & Java, Keen-Time and 9-High Parties, The Lincoln and Cornhusker Hotel Ballrooms, Der Loaf & Stein, & The Red Ram.

They were regular performers in Colorado during the summers frequently playing lounges such as Shad's Lounge in Sterling, Jax Snax in Estes Park, The Merry-Ax in Loveland, The Buff Room in Boulder, Galena St. East in Aspen, and The Krazy-Katt in Colorado Springs.

Changing from a pure rock band (guitar-sax-drums), the band expanded to an 8-piece Rhythm & Blues Band in the late 60's. The band frequently featured a 3-piece horn section, Hammond M-3 organ, and a wild choreographed stage show, fronted by soul singer, Liz Williams. Band members left the stage regularly to prance around the dance floor, bopping dancers with a "Whiffle-ball" Bat, wearing "Captain Crunch Hats", and riding on the shoulders of Stan Johnson, while still playing their horns.

Unfortunately, no commercial recordings were ever released by the band. However, 45-RPM acetates of The Nomads exist in EP form, recorded at ROTO Records in 1963. The band also recorded three excellent sides at BraveRecords in Harvey, Illinois in 1967. These progressive self-penned tunes combined the funk of an RB band; a touch of psychedelia, and jazz overtones mixed with excellent vocals and are still fresh some 33 years later. Unfortunately these masters were never released.

J. Harrison B. performed for a private party for movie producer, Otto Preminger and also performed for the cast of the then popular television show "Desert Fox" in Aspen, CO.

Mostly due to graduation from college and military obligations, the original group disbanded in late 1968. However, Stan Johnson has kept the J. Harrison B. tradition going for over 38 years by forming versions of the band throughout the world - literally.

During his military career and later moving to several different locations as a high school music instructor, Johnson carried the J. Harrison B. flag and formed new versions of the group in England, Germany, Japan, Montana, Wisconsin and California. While in Wisconsin (Fond du Lac) he formed a version of J. Harrison B. that is still performing in that area over 20 years later.

Several versions of J. Harrison B. have surfaced in eastern Nebraska over recent years led by Semrad, Bryan and Hagerman. Johnson has also kept the flame alive by playing frequently in California as J. Harrison B.

Over the last 38 years - more than 150 musicians have called "J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles" their band.

While in Wisconsin, Johnson recorded and released an LP by J. Harrison B. called "You Can't Get There From Here". He played most of the instruments heard on the album.

The Wisconsin version of the band has also released several singles over the years - including the local cult favorite "Walleye Weekend" - played for weeks prior to an annual civic event.

The band has reunited on two occasions since originally disbanding in 1968. The Wisconsin version of J. Harrison B. has made the 600-mile trip after late gigs to attend both sessions. In 1999 Johnson, Semrad and Hagerman attended the Wisconsin J. Harrison B. Reunion in Fond du Lac.

Drummer in The Nomads and later J. Harrison B. & The Bumbles (from 1963 through 1966) was Mike Klingner, a native of McCook, NE. Mike was an Air Force fighter pilot and was shot down over Laos in 1970. Initially declared MIA, he was declared Killed in Action a year later. Wreckage of his plane was found in Laos in 1995 - but no evidence of his body or gear was found. A Memorial Service was held in McCook, NE on July 3, 2000 to honor Mike & a room at The McCook City Library was dedicated to his memory, along with a showcase of memorabilia from his life.