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Fossil Fuel
Athey, Larry - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Michael, Sean - Drums
Taylor, Charlie - Guitar/Vocals
Tyler, Toby - Bass/Vocals
The band was formed of what you might call stubborn old musicians from the western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming area. Stubborn, because we refuse to adopt that "good enough is good enough" mentality and we choose not to play the same songs that every other band in the area plays. It's not that we're obsessive/compulsive or perfectionists, it's just that playing the same old crap, the novelty of every night being jam night and flying by the seat of our pants has worn off for all of us. As a band, we all just like to know where we're going before we get there, which is something that always seemed to be lacking in a lot of previous bands that we've all played in.

The band is comprised of musicians with past experience in playing classic rock, oldies rock, modern rock and country. Aside from playing in the local music scene for numerous years, all of us have also played in full-time road bands in the past as well. So we are definitely not new to this business by any stretch of the imagination. We place very heavy emphasis on vocal harmony, probably just as much emphasis as we put on playing our instruments. We even go as far as having straight vocal practices to keep our vocal harmonies tight, which is something that always seemed next to impossible to get our previous bands to do.

This, and all of the reasons mentioned in the paragraph above, are what makes Fossil Fuel unique!

The name of the band kinda has two meanings, the first of which is sort of a joke about our ages (since we're all in the 40+ age bracket). And secondly, because our music is what we call "good-time fuel" for classic rock, southern rock, and country music fans (who are generally within our age bracket as well, aka fossils). When it comes to a cover band, we realize that you can't please everybody. So, the smart money is on appealing to the majority instead (which so happens to be classic rock, southern rock, and country music fans). Even our original music tends to lean more toward the classic rock or southern rock style and sound. Yet everything else we play tends to have a modern edge to it.

It's hard to put it into words, it's just something that you'll have to hear to fully understand.

Younger people often ask us why we don't play any current rock and pop hits that are on the radio today. To which, our answer is "because enough other bands already do". That, and the fact that when you look at today's rock and pop from an educated musician's standpoint, it only goes to show that hits are manufactured by deep corporate pockets, they're not genius musical compositions. The majority of rock and pop hits since about the year 1995 have been nothing but four chord songs where they just changed the order of those four chords between the verses and choruses. It doesn't take any kind of a musical genius to write a song with four chords randomly changing order, or to play one live in front of an audience. Which is why we chose the path that we've taken, we'd rather play songs that are actually more structured and still have a groove to them, and our crowds appreciate it!