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The Dynamic Drifters
Norfolk, Nebraska
(1963 - 1966)
Ainsworth, Bill - Saxophone
Froelich, Lee - Keyboards
Gartner, Don - Guitar (1964 - ?)
Letheby, Bob - Guitar (1963 - ?)
Pohlmann, Stan - Guitar (1963 - ?)
Reeves, Dennis - Drums (1963 - 1964)
Schumann, Sue - Keyboards
Storovich, Jerry - Guitar (1964 - ?)
Waugh, Bill - Drums (1963 - 1964)
Young, Larry - Drums
Zobel, Terry - Bass (1963 - ?)
1964 - Bangar - 45 Single - 40 Days/Let's Have A Party
The Dynamic Drifters were formed in 1963 with original members Stan Pollmann, lead guitar, Bill Waugh, drums, Bob Letheby, rhythm guitar, and Terry Zobel on bass. Stan, Bill, and Bob had formerly played with The Crusaders and Little Caesar and The Romans. Terry had previously played and recorded with thepopular Norfolk group, Little Joe and the Ramrods. Soon after, former Ramrod drummer Denny "Dino" Reeves replaced Bill Waugh, and keyboardist Jerry Storovich took over for Stan when he left the group in early 1964.

That summer, the group traveled to Minneapolis, where they recorded "40 Days/Let's Have A Party" at Kaybank Studios on the Bangar label. The single had regional success and is a hot item among record collectors today. Reeves left for college, and the band reformed with Letheby, Zobel, Don Gartner on guitar, and Larry "Porky" Young on drums. The Drifters traveled the midwest extensively and became known for their "Paul Revere" dance steps and outfits. Other members who played with the group during this era were Sue Schumann and Lee Froelich on keyboards as well as Bill Ainsworth on sax. The Dynamic Drifters disbanded in 1966, due to military service and college.