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Dirty Little Rabbits
Johnston, Iowa
Crahan, M. Shawn - Drums
Fyhrie, Ty - Guitar
Karnowski, Jeff - Bass
Katsoudas, Stella - Vocals
Pfaff, Michael - Keyboards
2007 - Sopra Evil - CD/Tape - Breeding
We are the Dirty Little Rabbits…it all started when rabbit 1 met rabbit 2 at a mutual friend’s studio….Sid. It all started at Sid’s. The jam was epic. Rabbit 2 found himself at the bench of a Hammond B-3 organ for the first time ever. The music ended at 4 a.m., and the phone call that started it all happened just four hours later.

Next came rabbit 4…Rabbits 1,2 and 4 met in a town called Otho and recorded what later became known as “Misfits”, and “Poor Poor Woman”. These two songs were the first two in the Rabbit’s repertoire.

Soon after the Otho Sessions, Rabbit 2 introduced Rabbit 5 to Rabbit 1. The band was set; rabbit 1-drums, rabbit 2-keys, rabbit 4-guitar, rabbit 5-bass. What a band!!!!!!!!!!

But!!! Who would sing? Rabbits 1 and 2 searched the Midwest for the singer, then all the rabbits began to search the country….who would sing?

Well, it just so happened that rabbit 1 had known the singer all along. In a bathroom of a hotel in L.A., the most beautiful rabbit of them all, rabbit 3, recorded the song, “if.” This song will go down as one of the most beautiful songs ever….but you all must wait for it.

The band was now complete. Rabbits 1,2,3,4 and 5….and we started playing, and playing, and playing, and playing and playing. We practiced in rabbit 1’s basement day in and day out….occasionally surfacing for a show in Madison, or Des Moines, or Ottumwa, or Omaha, or wherever we could plug in.

Songs were pouring out of us…one after another…. “Misfits”, “Poor Poor Woman”, “Dark”, “Hero Poet”, “Simon”, “Rabbit Holes”, “if”, etc……then we wrote “Hello.”

“Hello, it’s so nice to see your face again. Hello, it’s so nice to see you. All good people find one another. Hello, it’s so nice.”

We captured three of our new songs in the studio and released them on our E.P., Breeding, which includes “Hello”, “I’m So Beautiful”, and “Hero Poet.”

What followed was a 27 show tour opening for our friends, Stone Sour that took us from Fargo, North Dakota, up to New England, and down the east coast to the southern reaches of Florida. We laughed, cried, got sick, got well, wrote songs, changed songs, grew up as a band and met many new friends.

When we returned from Florida we went right back in to writing great songs like “Professional Hit”, “You Say”, “Leave Me Alone”, “I Love You”, “Happy”, “Same Mistakes”, “the Gas Lighter” and “Put it in the Rock”!

We are working to record our full-length album very soon, and in the meantime, we will be playing on as many stages as we can find.

Thanks for the support. Come watch us rock in 2008. We will never stop…..

~dirty little rabbits.