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Cheap Drinks
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Ervin, Dan - Bass/Vocals
Karr, Kris - Guitar/Lap Steel/Harp/Vocals
Minikis, Sean - Guitar/Vocals
Ober, Jeremy - Guitar/Vocals
Reisner, Paul - Drums/Vocals
The band was formed in early 2007 by Paul Reisner, sort of as an extension of the open Jam Nights that were held every Thursday night at Spanky's night club. Paul, Kris Karr, Jeremy Ober and Rick Sexe (Bass) formed the original lineup. Folks dug the sound and the tunes and the band started to get more bookings. In late 2007, Dan Ervin came on board replacing Rick on Bass and adding additional vocals. In early 2008, Sean Minikis brought his Clapton-influenced guitar style and his powerful vocals to round out what is the current lineup of CHEAP DRINKS. One or more members of the band can usually be spotted at Betsy's Blue Note (Home away from Home), when they're not playing somewhere.