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Omaha, Nebraska
Barns, Billy
Beasley, Richard
Devereaux, Wesley
Farmer, Jim
McDaniels, Gene
The Sultans recorded for the Duke label and then became The Admirals when they joined the King label in 1955.

From Trade Magazine Article Dated June 1954: Irv Marcus, Peacock-Duke National Sales Manager, is talking up a new group, the Sultans, five teenagers who reflect "a pleasant new sound in R&B." The boys really wowed 'em last Sunday at the Music Guild of Nebraska's big statewide meeting. All who attended came away convinced that these boys are destined for big things. The quintet is led by tenor voice Willie Barnes, just recently graduated from Omaha Tech High. Other members of the Sultans include Richard Beasley, Jim Farmer, Wes Devereaux and Eugene McDaniels.